Dark Threads

The aventure begins!

In the world of Achaeia, two nations fight for dominance, the Icarians and the Naxos. They have been at war for nearly a century, but have recently settled into a tenuous pact against what might be a new threat, the dwarves. However, as this new threat is starting to prove false, the drums of war beat once again.

Each nation seeks to ally themselves with the dwarves, and so gain the upper hand and end this war once and for all. However, darker things lurk in the shadows, and soon all the nations will find themselves fighting for their very survival.

The party begins in the small valley of Cydonia, also called the Valley of Blood, because it is the only pass between the mountains that separate the two nations. While dedication to honor has kept the armies from attacking the residents directly, they still suffer from the war. The recent peace has come as a blessing, and all hope that the war will never begin again.

The village elder, Elias, has asked the party to meet him at the north side of the town, and said to be ready to travel. You have gathered together and now walk to meet him…


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