While Ios and Kor are the main two gods worshiped in Achaeia, there are six total:

Ber, goddess of art and finesse.

Gem, god of authority and persuasion.

Ios, god of good life and knowledge.

Kor, god of glorious battle and power.

Mia, goddess of judgment and understanding.

Pan, goddess of construction and stability.

Many times people will speak of the gods as a single, united entity, while others they will speak of them as separate entities working towards different goals. While not much is known about the gods, they are very present, and often give out rewards for those that do great deeds. For example, defeating a particularly powerful foe might inspire Kor to grant you the power to defeat your enemies, while doing a very good deed or making a discovery might inspire Ios to grant you a favor. The more you do to please that god, the more they will give, but be careful, for the gods are fickle, and they may take away what they gave if you displease them.


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