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The world of Achaeia is a land of warfare, but also one of heroes and gods. It is a land of glory, honor, and a striving for excellence in whatever you choose to do. Glory in battle is one of the most respected, though not all it’s residents respect this equally.

To the north, there is the land of Naxos, a nation ruled by the strongest warriors and best generals. It is a land of mountains and cliffs, and the rough land has made it’s people rough. They see fighting as a way of proving your worth to the gods. They favor Kor, god of glorious battle and strength.

To the south, there is the land of Icaria, a nation ruled by the richest and the wisest. It is a land of plains and rivers, and the rich land has made it’s people happy. They see warfare as a horrible atrocity, and those who start it should be punished by the gods for their barbarity. They favor Ios, god of good life and learning.

The two nations were long at war, but recently called a truce, some say because of rumors of an entire nation of strange, short people in the mountains to the east. Ancient texts speak of beings such as this, and calls them “Dwarves”, but few records of this distant past exist, and none know why they have decided to reveal themselves after all this time.

More recent rumor says that these dwarves have sent emissaries to the ruling council of each nation, asking for trade. It is said they are rude and irritable, but the result of these meetings is unknown.

Main Page

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