A world of glorious warfare and bold heroes granted power by the gods themselves for their prowess. Or at least, it used to be…

This campaign will be played using Skype (www.skype.com) to talk to each other, and using Gametable (gametable.galactanet.com) for rolling dice and managing grid movement and combat. Both programs are completely free. Contact me at Bushka2000@gmail.com for more information or if you have a question.

My IP for the Gametable game is: The password will be “emerald”. My Skype account is Agent1Paper, though I’m not on that often.

Campaign is postponed until I can gather enough players, at least 3-4, up to 6 max. I’ll always be recruiting, so if you’re interested in joining this game, just send me an e-mail at Bushka2000@gmail.com. I’ll make sure to respond as soon as possible, and once we get some more solid interest, I’ll try to organize the first meetup.

To all who are or want to play, be sure to check out my houserules.

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